NEW Photography Event Timeline and Checklist by Deb Burger

Posted by Archie Luper on April 5, 2012 in Maximizing the Event, Organizational Meeting

In response to requests from the field to the training department wer have created a new tool, called, “Photography Event Timeline and Checklist.” It is available now on SugarSync.

This checklist will assist you in keeping track of what actions need to be taken and the timeline involved once you have signed an agreement.

It is an Excel file that you can enter the dates of photography for your program. Then a timeline of dates will automatically populate. Or you can simply print the form out and enter the dates manually. The attached file has a “checklist” tab and an “instruction” tab.

This tool is intended to assist you to keep organized and knowledgeable of the steps necessary for a successful pictorial program, for your benefit and the churches you serve.

Please review the steps included on this checklist. If you need additional instruction with any process included on the checklist, contact your manager. Any gaps in your program timeline will adversely affect the directory program at your church and ultimately your compensation.

Your manager will be discussing this tool with you on next Monday’s conference call. Please prepare a “test” checklist by filling in photography dates, save as “test” and send to your manager no later than 4/13/12.

Special thanks goes to Marty Kelly, Billy Stegall, David Ray and those who provided additional feedback in the creation of this tool.


StoryBuilder Disk Will Not Install on Church’s Computer

Posted by Archie Luper on January 13, 2011 in Computer and Technology, Questions & Answers, StoryBuilder

Barrett Powlas, Church Consultant in Territory NR-North Charlotte had a question about StoryBuilder not installing properly:

“I have a great customer from a highly influencial church who has gone through 2 Storybuilder disks to no avail. Do you have a suggestion?  My layout coordinator is leaving for vacation tomorrow for 10 days and is getting frustrated with this. HELP! Thanks, Barrett”

The chances of a church getting a bad StoryBuilder disk is rare and in most cases is an issue with the computer they are trying to load it on, which is rare also. Here’s a couple recommended steps, keeping in mind that instructions may vary depending on their computer, operating system, etc:

(1) First, call the church and have them on their computer. Have them first load the StoryBuilder disk into the disk drive on their computer.

(2) Click on the Start button at the bottom left of the computer window and then go up to the right and choose Computer.

(3) If the StoryBuilder icon DOES show up on their computer as seen in the graphic below have them either double click on it to execute the Setup file or right click and Open and double click on the Setup file itself. This will begin the install process.

(4) If it does not begin the installation process have the church try a different computer. Barrett’s church did so and was able to immediately load the program on another laptop and started their design process immediately.

(5) If the StoryBuilder icon DOES NOT show up for their DVD or CD drive then there is a problem with their computer reading the disk. Have them first try the disk on another computer as explained in the step above. If the disk does not load on a second computer, which will be a rare occurance, then you will need to ship them another StoryBuilder disk.

A call by Barrett’s church to tech support at Story Rock did not determine the exact reason the disk did not install on the first computer, but usually it’s going to be an older computer that is not quite up to date. But in that rare case where you have a church that is unable to install the StoryBuilder software disk asking them to try installing the program on another computer is usually the quickest fix.


UPDATED Portrait Sign Up Graphics

Posted by Archie Luper on January 12, 2011 in Graphics and Images, Online Church Directory (OCD), Update Photography

Click here to download: Onlinebutton_11

Click here to download: Schednow_11


Question from Brandy Dail – BD – Regarding Updates to a Church’s FOLD

Posted by Archie Luper on January 11, 2011 in Online Church Directory (OCD), Questions & Answers

Brandy Dail in Territory BD – North Carolina has a great question below regarding updating a FOLD for a complete new program, not an update. I’ve included Tord Rönn’s reply in red:

I have an account that has had our FOLD for 3 years.   They are considering doing an entire new directory this Spring but want to know what happens to their existing FOLD in terms of the photographs/passwords… – The default answer is that the new photography will be uploaded as an update. The User retain all current information, user name and password. Also, the Online directory can easily be used to create their printed directory roster giving members a chance to proof their data online prior to the church releasing for Lifetouch to produce the roster from.  

Do their members keep their current FOLD usernames & passwords and we replace the old portraits with new ones?   Is that correct?  – — Correct, in the update process, or new program, we would only update the image data. We do not update the roster data for the online directory as user changes would then be lost.

What about members that don’t update photographs? Do they stay on the FOLD or do we remove them?

 – Yes, when the new program is treated as a FOLD update all images already available would still be there, with the exception of replacement portraits for families that are returning.The only exception I can see in this process is if the church never effectively launched the FOLD the first go around and realize that the data is out dated and haven’t been maintained. In that case we may consider creating a new load with new user names and passwords etc. It is an exception and we cannot marry old and new, it is either a replacement or an update of portraits only.

Tord Rönn | Tech Support Manager | Lifetouch | 419.462.4411 |





Confidentiality and Privacy of the Online Church Directory

Posted by Archie Luper on January 10, 2011 in Online Church Directory (OCD)

You may occasionally receive a request from a church to further explain the Confidentiality and Privacy of the Online Church Directory. See below to copy and paste from Tord Rönn to your church when needed:

CONFIDENTIALITY/PRIVACY/OWNERSHIP: Lifetouch, for itself and on behalf of its third party providers, represents and warrants that it will not use Church’s Members’ personally identifiable information for purposes that are inconsistent with providing the Application to Church and its Members and performing related services hereunder without such Members’ consent. As between Lifetouch and Church, the content of Church’s online directory remains the property of the Church and its Members, subject to Lifetouch’s copyright ownership of the Lifetouch portraits included in such content. Lifetouch remains the owner of all right, title and interest in and to its Application and all copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights therein.
Tord Rönn | Tech Support Manager | Lifetouch | 419.462.4411 | tronn@lifetouch.com


Overcoming Objections – Q&A

Posted by Archie Luper on January 10, 2011 in Questions & Answers, Sales Development

QUESTIONS: Click here to download:
Overcoming Objections – QUESTIONS

ANSWERS: Click here to download: Overcoming Objections – ANSWERS


Queensboro – Custom Logowear

Posted by Archie Luper on January 9, 2011 in Lifetouch Logowear, Territory Management

A great place to buy logowear for yourself and your teams. Great pricing and low 4 piece minimum per order.

If this is your first time ordering refer to Customer Account #947228 for the Lifetouch logo when setting up your own account.

Go to Queensboro web site


Foxit Reader

Posted by Archie Luper on January 8, 2011 in Computer and Technology, Forms, Sales Development, Territory Management

Foxit Reader is a MUST HAVE tool for every TSM and CC. It’s a PDF reader and much more. You can open any PDF document and type in text anywhere, save it to your computer, and then open again and add additional text.

It is now the preferred PDF tool to prepare Program Agreements for your churches. You can complete a Program Agreement for your church and save it to your computer without the use of the CutePDF Writer.

In addition, with Foxit Read you can now re-open the same Program Agreement and update it with additional information such as new coordinators and their contact information and save again. PLUS you can now open any PDF document and type in text even if it not already produced as a PDF Fill document.

Download Now


Quick Links

Posted by Archie Luper on January 8, 2011 in Computer and Technology, Online Church Directory (OCD), Premier, Sales Development

Here’s the scenario: You’re out on a sales call at a church and want to demo the online community or the online print store and can’t remember the links. The following “Quick Links” were developed as easy to remember links for the online tools you use most often. These are not web sites. They are re-directions only, to take you from the short link to full link, for the particular online tool you want to gain access to:

Online Church Directory Demo:
Quick Link: www.lcdfold.com
Redirects you to: http://www.connections.lifetouch.com/?orgLogin=1


Brown Bear Calendar:
Quick Link: www.lcdbb.com
Redirects you to: http://www.brownbearsoftware.com/hosted/LCDP


Appointments Plus Online Scheduling:
Quick Link: www.lcdsignups.com
Redirects you to: http://www.appointment-plus3.com/ap/ap_admin_v2/admin_v2.php?custom_id=6


Church Directory Promotional Bulletin Board

Posted by Archie Luper on January 7, 2011 in Maximizing the Event

Several of my churches have used some variation of the idea below for a church bulletin board to promote their upcoming directory program. They said they use it with individuals and/or families that first say they are not going to come and be photographed. They tell them, “Now you know, you authorize us to use one of our stock photos don’t you?” It lightens the atmosphere and then they can tell them how important it is for them to be a part of their directory program and encourage them to sign up. Have a great idea for promoting signups and maximizing the event? Email aluper@lifetouch.com and we’ll share with the field.

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